picsart_10-07-06-09-39Hello my name is Kathy Blanco and I was born in Cali Colombia to the strongest woman I know, Beatriz Valencia. My mother immigrated to the United States when I was 3yrs old because she wanted a better life for me and my older sister. She left us with our grandparents while she came to the country and got situated. We finally joined her when I was 7 yrs old. My mother raised 5 daughters on her own and from a very young age instilled the definition of “hard work and sacrifice” in my life. I watched her work 2 jobs while trying to be a parent for many years and really learned what true time management was all about. I learned to be independent at a very young age and it has really helped me out in my adult life. Most of my youth was split between Boston and Florida. In 2005 I graduated from the University Of Central Florida with a degree in Criminal Justice. I wanted to become an FBI agent but God had other plans for my life.

While I was putting myself through school I worked for a very large insurance company. I had several roles with this company. Started in customer service and escalated to Long term disability specialist. When the love of my life and I got married in 2006, we got pregnant right away and at that time I decided to stay home with our baby boy.

My husband was in the construction field and the economy was very good so he was able to support our family, life was perfect. At least until 2008 came around. The housing market tanked and my husbands job reduced his pay forcing us to  make major adjustments. I started job searching during one of the worst economic times in our history. I posted my resume online and immediately got a call from Liberty National. I started at an entry level role as a benefit provider helping families protect against the unexpected. I did very well and within 9 months was promoted into a leadership role. In my leadership role I excelled in helping and developing others in succeeding in their roles. I did so well that almost 8 months later I was given the opportunity to run an agency in Tampa, Fl.

In 7 yrs we have surrounded ourselves with like minded individuals that aren’t afraid to dream big and work hard. We have since expanded and now also have an office in Orlando Fl specifically to educate and protect the Latino community.

It is an honor to say that for several years now our agency is known as a Council Of Champion office, which is considered the top ten offices in the country. We continue to grow as a company and are looking for the right individuals for the right career opportunities in our agencies.